Payment Terms

Due In Full: Payment will be due in full as soon as the digital mockup has been approved.

Net Terms: Orders with Net Terms (generally either Net 15 or Net 30) can simply approve the order without payment up front. The invoice date and Net Term’s start date is generally the day your order is shipped. A final invoice will be emailed to you. Orders with Net Terms can be paid with cash, check, money order, credit card or PayPal. (See Invoiced Quantity below for a complete look at how the final invoice balance is determined.)

Under/Over Run Allowance

We do our very best to deliver, at minimum, the ordered quantity for each and every size on your order. However, printing mistakes happen, screens break on press, shirts arrive with holes or stains from the manufacturer. For that reason, we have an under/over run allowance. This is simply an acceptable margin of error.

All orders within the Under/Over Run Allowance of the ordered quantity will be considered acceptable for delivery. For this reason, we highly recommend you order extra garments for each size. New Creation will not be responsible for profit loss on under runs. If requested, in the event of an under run greater than our Under/Over Run Allowance, we will reprint the remaining quantity.

  • Standard & Oversize: 3%

  • Jumbo: 5%

  • All Over: 10%

Under/Over Run Allowance on Contract Orders is calculated by number of impressions on the order, not the number of pieces.

Invoiced Quantity

IMPORTANT: Your final invoice will reflect the total quantity shipped.This total quantity will be within the Under/Over Run Allowance for your order. This means that if you order 100 oversize prints, your quote will show 100 pieces, but your final Invoice after production could show an invoiced quantity between 97 and 103 pieces. This is the Under/Over Run Allowance for that order. The price per piece will not change from the Quote to the Invoice.

Rush Orders

Orders that require an in-hands date sooner than our standard turnaround time (per the order specs and services) are subject to rush fees. Below is the rush fee percentage schedule which indicates the percentage amount to be added to the order total, based on how many days are being cut out of our specified turnaround time. Rush orders still incur the same limitations as outlined in the turnaround time above. So, if a rush order needs an in-hands date 3 days earlier than our standard turnaround time for your order, 30% of the total order will be added as a rush fee.

  • 1 Day: 10%

  • 2 Days: 20%

  • 3 Days: 30%

  • 4 Days: 40%

  • 5 Days: 50%

  • 6 Days: 60%

  • 7 Days: 70%

  • 8 Days: 80%

  • 9 Days: 90%

  • 10 Days: 100%

Rush Orders are subject to the same Under/Over Run Allowance as standard orders. Rush time frames are based on our current production schedule and do not include shipping time. New Creation will not be held responsible for shipping issues once your order has left our facility.